how to store and retrieve array in mysql [closed]

Problem :

$ids = join(',',$galleries);  
$sql = "SELECT * FROM galleries WHERE id IN ($ids)";

Solution :

Looks like you're using the php script to construct a sql statement. I do this all the time. Try something like:

$galleryIds = implode(",",$galleries);

$sql = "SELECT * FROM galleries WHERE id IN ($galleryIds)";

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OK, Here's an edit because it seems that the Stack thinks you're going to use this for production code(I wouldn't).

Please use some kind of routine plus a database abstraction layer to deal with the escaping to prevent injection:

For instance, when getting your galleryIds from your database, run a check that they are all numeric data-types, and of course do something like Zend's db->quote($galleryIds) when using the variable in your sql construction.

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