How to group rows in mysql to be as chunks with a specific size

Problem :

How to group rows in mysql to be as chunks with a specific size ?

I have a table called users

Which has these fields id name

I want to make a query which group users into chucks with the size of 3 names per row.

Sample table:

1 name1
2 name2
3 name4
4 name5
5 name5
6 name6
7 name7

result should be


Usign GROUP_CONCAT of course to do that

Solution :!9/a6b42/5

  (IF(@i = 3 OR @i IS NULL, @i:=1, @i:[email protected]+1 ))as idx,
  (IF(@gr_idx IS NULL, @gr_idx:=1, IF(@i = 1, @gr_idx:[email protected]_idx+1,@gr_idx) )) as gr_idx
FROM users
GROUP BY gr_idx

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