How to change data type when running query (not inside PHP)

Problem :


When doing precision math on decimals inside MySQL, it handles strings as Float and not Fixed for example if we have following column in database (amount type is DECIMAL(43,20))

|         amount           |
|  0.20000000000000000000  |

running the following PHP code

$amount_to_add = "0.1";
$stmt = $dbh->prepare("UPDATE table SET amount = amount + :amount");
$stmt->bindValue("amount", $amount_to_add);

would result this:

|         amount           |
|  0.30000000000000004000  |

notice the additional 0.00000000000000004000

its because $amount_to_add was string

As i need to use BC Math functions, its output is always string

And i can't convert it to double/float inside PHP because it will lose precision and decimal points


How should i pass this to MySQL to treat it as decimal(fixed) and not string (float) which doesn't require changing string type inside PHP?

Is something like declaring the datatype when running query possible? so it changes string to decimal inside MySQL

Solution :

UPDATE table SET amount = amount + CAST(:amount AS DECIMAL(X, Y))

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