How to update column text value with concatenation of multiple columns text values?

Problem :

For e.g. my table structure is like

id(int, auto_increment), 

I have thousands of rows which have first_name, last_name and address entries already filled. I want to update concatenated text in merged_content. I know, how to do this in PHP, but updating thousands of records (apprx 30K) is very time consuming.

So, I was hoping if something like this can be achieved in MySql directly -

Update table_x set merged_content="<p>" + first_name + " " + last_name + "</p><p><b>Address -</b> " + address + "</p>"

Obviously the above query is wrong, and not working, but I couldn't even find anything else, that I could try.

Solution :

Mysql has built-in function called concat which you can use, something as

Update table_x 
concat('<p>',first_name,' ',last_name,'</p><p><b>Address -</b> ',address,'</p>'); 

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