How to improve an IF statement in MySQL?

Problem :

Consider the mysql

            (SELECT `price` FROM `prices` AS `B` WHERE `A`.`Item_ID` = `B`.`Item_ID`)<5,
            (SELECT `price` FROM `prices` AS `B` WHERE `A`.`Item_ID` = `B`.`Item_ID`)
        ) AS `Item_Price' 
FROM `items` AS `A`

where it used to find the price from prices table for each item from the items table, and If the price is less than 5, then it is to 5. The problem with this is that if the IF statement comes false, i.e. the price greater or equal to 5, then it runs another search for the same price which may slow down the page. Is there a way to improve this?

Solution :

You can use a simple LEFT JOIN instead of a sub-query:

SELECT If(COALESCE(`price`, 0) < 5, 5, `price`) AS `Item_Price' 
FROM `items` AS `A`
LEFT JOIN `prices` AS `B` ON `A`.`Item_ID` = `B`.`Item_ID`

This assumes that there is a one-to-one relationship between items and prices based on Item_ID. If your initial query runs without problems and your sub-query returns just a scalar value, so such a one-to-one relationship indeed exists.

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