How to Reset MySQL database with time limit using php

Problem :

I have a demo website for the users. It contain database with few tables. I want to reset the entire database with time frame using PHP.

How can I truncate all the tables every hour?

Solution :

Truncating every table wouldn't work in this case because some of the tables will contain initial configuration data.

I would set up the basic system exactly as you want it. Then do a one off database dump and a tarball back up of the moodledata directory.

Also create a file in moodledata called old_climaintenance.html with a message for users while the site is offline.

Then set up a bash script to go through these steps

  1. Rename old_climaintenance.html to climaintenance.html to let users know its offline.
  2. Drop the database
  3. Delete the contents of the moodledata directory - except old_climaintenance.html
  4. Restore the tarball into moodledata
  5. Recreate the database from the data dump
  6. Rename climaintenance.html to old_climaintenance.html

Then set up a cron job to run the bash script every hour.

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