how to fetch Mysql data by like %column name%

Problem :

the concept is for matching user relation and fetch post from timeline table

Table: Timeline {id,title,privacyTimeline} Table: friend_request{id,requestType,status,from_id,to_id}

i am trying to fetch where privacy and requestType match but there is value in separated by comma privacyTimeline = 'family,friends' requestType ='family'

i have wrote this query but not work with like'%%'

FROM timeline t JOIN
     friend_request fr
WHERE (fr.from_id = '3' OR fr.to_id='3') AND
      (t.privacyTimeline LIKE '%f.requestType%')

does not work

but its work when i replace column name fr.requestType to siple text 'family' SELECT,t.title FROM timeline as t JOIN friend_request as fr WHERE(fr.from_id = '3' OR fr.to_id='3') AND(t.privacyTimeline LIKE '%family%')

please anyone who can guide me

Solution :

Use string concatenation:

t.privacyTimeline LIKE CONCAT('%', f.requestType, '%')

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