How to make MYSQL query results ORDER BY conditions order?

Problem :

My query string is like:

SELECT ... FROM maintable
LEFT JOIN table1 on ( = table1.idx)
LEFT JOIN table2 on (table1.idy = table2.idy)
LEFT JOIN table3 on (table2.idz = table3.idz)
WHERE (condition1 OR condition2 OR condition3)
AND maintable.status = static

//condition1 & condition2 & condition3 are kind of
table3.idz = 101, table3.idz = 3, IN (1,2,3,4), and so on

For the results I want entries that meet condition1 to be returned first, then entries that meet condition2, and finally entries that meet condition3. Any ideas?

Solution :

To get the sorting in the order you want, use your conditions in the ORDER BY, but use DESC after them.

FROM person
WHERE (condition1 OR condition2 OR condition3)
AND maintable.status = static
    condition1 DESC,
    condition2 DESC,
    condition3 DESC

If this doesn't work because your query is more complex, then you can use boolean logic to change your query (A OR B OR C) AND D into (A AND D) OR (B AND D) OR (C AND D) then you can use the following query:

FROM person
WHERE (condition1 OR condition2 OR condition3)
AND maintable.status = static
    condition1 AND static DESC,
    condition2 AND static DESC,
    condition3 AND static DESC

The AND static is not necessary here because all rows return it, but in a more complex example (where you also return some rows which are not static) then you would have to do it in this way.

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