How to: Format a MySQL query result with currency signs using PHP

Problem :

I have a MySQL query that fetches a numeric value VARCHAR (20) from a table, and I need to format the result to include thousands separators (,) and decimal separators (.) to two positions.

I've searched a lot for a simple query, so now I want to know if this is possible using CSS.

Here is the table data:


And so on. Here's the query:

// Fetch data

$sql="SELECT * FROM scoreboard WHERE codcliente = '".$q."' OR nombre LIKE '%".$q."%'";
$result = mysql_query($sql);
if(mysql_num_rows($result) == 0){
  echo '<div align="center" style="background-color:#CCCCCC; font-weight:bold; color:#C0504D;">Record no existe.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input id="srchcreate" type="button" value="Crear" /></div>';
//echo $result;

And the result:

// Construct the table

echo "<table>";

// Construct the array

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)){
  echo "<tr>";
  echo "<td>" . $row['codcliente'] . "</td>";
  echo "<td>" . $row['nombre'] . "</td>";
//  echo "<td>" . $row['ejecutivo'] . "</td>";
//  echo "<td>" . $row['banca_as400'] . "</td>";
//  echo "<td>" . $row['banca_real'] . "</td>";
//  echo "<td>" . $row['ingresos'] . "</td>";
  echo "<td>" . $row['ciiu'] . "</td>";
//  echo "<td>" . $row['division'] . "</td>";
  echo "<td>" . $row['actividad'] . "</td>";
  echo "<td>" . $row['riesgo_industria'] . "</td>";
  echo "<td>" . $row['riesgo_cliente'] . "</td>";
  echo "<td>" . $row['fecha'] . "</td>";
  echo "<td>" . $row['analista'] . "</td>";
  echo "</tr>";
echo "</table>";

This gets inserted to a PHP file and displayed as a table.

Solution :

echo number_format(123456789, 2);


echo "<td>".number_format($row['ingresos'], 2)."</td>\n"

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