How to find slower MySQL queries from many small queries

Problem :

I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion for my situation:

I have a process that runs many tens of thousands of queries. The whole process takes between 5 and 10 minutes. I want to know which queries are running slower than the rest, but I know that none of them are running for more than say, 5 seconds (with this many queries, that would be very noticeable in my logs). How should I find out which ones are taking the most time, and are the ones that, if optimized, would provide the best results?


My queries run single-threaded and synchronous, and I'd say 70% SELECT and 30% INSERT/UPDATE. I'd have to get some heads together and determine if the work can be split up into different units that can be run simultaneously - I'm not sure...

All the queries are either simple INSERT statements, single-property UPDATE statements, or SELECT statements on either a primary or foreign key or a two-field ANDed restriction.


What I'm doing is basically copying a complex directed graph structure, in its entirety. Nodes are database entries, and adjacencies represent essentially foreign keys, but not strictly-speaking (they could be a two-field combination, where the first says what table the second is the id for).

Solution :

Take a look at MySQL's slow query log. You can configure the threshold of what is regarded as "slow".

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