How to select last hour without timestamp in MySQL

Problem :

I would like to select all records from the last hour. Problem is, that I don't have an timestamp. I save the time in one row, and in another the date.

date        time
2015-11-27  10:55:04
2015-11-27  11:16:38
2015-11-27  11:57:29
2015-11-27  13:04:47
2015-11-27  14:29:00
2015-11-27  14:36:41
2015-11-27  14:52:46
2015-11-27  15:06:20
2015-11-27  15:30:24
2015-11-27  15:47:15

Is it possible to convert this to a timestamp in order to make the selection i wish according to this method: select rows from last 2 hours


Solution :

I think I could solve the problem by myself. Thanks for your hints.

FROM recs

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