how to Insert multi dimensional array in mysql? [duplicate]

Problem :

Possible Duplicate:
PHP - reformat multidimensional array to insert into MYSQL?

what I want to do is insert multi dimensional array in my database

here is my code,but it not working,

include 'config/config.php';
    $Currentdatetime = date("Y-m-d h:i:s" ,strtotime("now"));
    $senderID = '530738657,100003201126721,659276806,etc';
    $explode = implode(', ', array_shift($senderID));
    $result = array();
    foreach ($senderID as $row) {
        $result[] = "(" . implode(', ', $row) . ")";
    $query = "INSERT INTO user_invite ($explode) VALUES('$userid','implode (', ', $result)','0','50','$Currentdatetime','0')");

any solution? thanks

Solution :

array_shift on senderID is an error senderID is a string!!!!

foreach on senderID is an error !!!!!

replace this

 $senderID = '530738657,100003201126721,659276806,etc';


     $senderID = explode(',', $senderID   );
    $senderID = '530738657,100003201126721,659276806,etc';

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