How to add new tables to list for mySQL replication?

Problem :

I newbie in mySQL replication and I would like to setup permanent replication only for some selected tables.

That is why I am thinking about filtering by this my.cnf command: replicate-wild-do-table= mydb.%Replicate

It does it means that all tables I would like to replicate will have "Replicate" suffix. Is this good solution or is there something better?

Thank you for your tips!


Solution :

I think of a few cons when using a suffix:

  • Depending on the suffix you choose, you may end up with table names having that suffix but that you don't want to replicate
  • If you decide to change the fact that a table is replicated or not, you have to change the table name, which means changing all the stuff depending on that table name (generally, source code).

Therefore, I suggest list in my.cnf all the tables requiring replication, using as many replicate-do-table directives as necessary.

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