How do I make a script that converts a Comma Separated text file .csv to mysql database field? [closed]

Problem :


Ok... So I am trying to write a script that will take the contents of a .csv file and import them into a single table in a mySQL database. I would like the script to create fields within that table for each of the columns/headers in the .csv file.

My .csv data looks like this (I only included the first two rows):

    " &",",","Product Catalog","10/01/2012","Karate Kid Cobra Kai All Valley '84 Gold Graphic T-Shirt","Karate Kid","Officially licensed Karate Kid Cobra Kai All Valley '84 Gold T-Shirt.  Features the Cobra Kai circle logo with '84 on the front.  100% cotton.","ey_84_Gold_Graphic_TShirt-p-2778.html","Karate Kid","","","","USD","","12.99","","","","","","Mens - Shirts","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","YES","","",""

So I figured I would use something like this:

$source_file  = "catalogs/tees4all.txt";
$handle = fopen("catalogs/tees4all.txt", "r");

while (($data = fgetcsv($handle)) !== FALSE) {

var_dump of $data OUTPUTS THIS... Basically each row as an array:

array(40) { [0]=> string(11) "PROGRAMNAME" [1]=> string(10) "PROGRAMURL" [2]=> string(11) "CATALOGNAME" [3]=> string(11) "LASTUPDATED" [4]=> string(4) "NAME" [5]=> string(8) "KEYWORDS" [6]=> string(11) "DESCRIPTION" [7]=> string(3) "SKU" [8]=> string(12) "MANUFACTURER" [9]=> string(14) "MANUFACTURERID" [10]=> string(3) "UPC" [11]=> string(4) "ISBN" [12]=> string(8) "CURRENCY" [13]=> string(9) "SALEPRICE" [14]=> string(5) "PRICE" [15]=> string(11) "RETAILPRICE" [16]=> string(9) "FROMPRICE" [17]=> string(6) "BUYURL" [18]=> string(13) "IMPRESSIONURL" [19]=> string(8) "IMAGEURL" [20]=> string(18) "ADVERTISERCATEGORY" [21]=> string(12) "THIRDPARTYID" [22]=> string(18) "THIRDPARTYCATEGORY" [23]=> string(6) "AUTHOR" [24]=> string(6) "ARTIST" [25]=> string(5) "TITLE" [26]=> string(9) "PUBLISHER" [27]=> string(5) "LABEL" [28]=> string(6) "FORMAT" [29]=> string(7) "SPECIAL" [30]=> string(4) "GIFT" [31]=> string(15) "PROMOTIONALTEXT" [32]=> string(9) "STARTDATE" [33]=> string(7) "ENDDATE" [34]=> string(7) "OFFLINE" [35]=> string(6) "ONLINE" [36]=> string(7) "INSTOCK" [37]=> string(9) "CONDITION" [38]=> string(8) "WARRANTY" [39]=> string(20) "STANDARDSHIPPINGCOST" } 

array(40) { [0]=> string(33) " &" [1]=> string(54) "," [2]=> string(15) "Product Catalog" [3]=> string(10) "10/01/2012" [4]=> string(56) "Karate Kid Cobra Kai All Valley '84 Gold Graphic T-Shirt" [5]=> string(10) "Karate Kid" [6]=> string(142) "Officially licensed Karate Kid Cobra Kai All Valley '84 Gold T-Shirt. Features the Cobra Kai circle logo with '84 on the front. 100% cotton." [7]=> string(37) "ey_84_Gold_Graphic_TShirt-p-2778.html" [8]=> string(10) "Karate Kid" [9]=> string(0) "" [10]=> string(0) "" [11]=> string(0) "" [12]=> string(3) "USD" [13]=> string(0) "" [14]=> string(5) "12.99" [15]=> string(0) "" [16]=> string(0) "" [17]=> string(150) "" [18]=> string(44) "" [19]=> string(68) "" [20]=> string(13) "Mens - Shirts" [21]=> string(0) "" [22]=> string(0) "" [23]=> string(0) "" [24]=> string(0) "" [25]=> string(0) "" [26]=> string(0) "" [27]=> string(0) "" [28]=> string(0) "" [29]=> string(0) "" [30]=> string(0) "" [31]=> string(0) "" [32]=> string(0) "" [33]=> string(0) "" [34]=> string(0) "" [35]=> string(0) "" [36]=> string(3) "YES" [37]=> string(0) "" [38]=> string(0) "" [39]=> string(0) "" }

I am hoping that someone can help me get from $data into a database table where the columns and rows match up… with the headers and rows of the CSV!


Solution :

If you want to make this with php try this.


$source_file  = "catalogs/tees4all.txt";
$handle = fopen("catalogs/tees4all.txt", "r");

$col_names = implode(",", fgetcsv($handle)); // Getting comma separated list of col names

$link = mysql_connect('localhost', 'mysql_user', 'mysql_password');
while (($data = fgetcsv($handle)) !== FALSE) {
    $values = "";
    foreach($data as $key => $value) {
        if ($key != 0) $values .= ", ";
        $values .= "'".mysql_escape_string($value)."'";
    mysql_query('INSERT INTO yourtablehere ('.$col_names.') VALUES ('.$values.')');

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