how to select Count of Ranges from mysql table?

Problem :

i have a table t_points in mySql like example in below.

Name          Surname          Point
Joe           Arnold           120
Michale       Black            250
Masha         Petrova          300
Natalie       Jackson          120
John          Turo             200
Bona          Meseda           250
Zeyda         Nura             150
Zanura        Bohara           60
Shaheen       Boz              360
Abbas         Murat            160
Keira         Black            230
Tom           Robinson         480
Fred          Balka            490
Semia         Hudovi           90
Sona          Bahari           60

i want to write a query which will display the count of point ranges. Point ranges are like this: point between 0 and 100, 101 and 200, 201 and 300, 301 and 400. Result must be like below

0_100           101_200          201_300            301_400
3               5                4                  3

i think u understand what i want to say. So which query i have to use for this result?

Solution :

     count(CASE WHEN point BETWEEN 0 AND 100 THEN 1 END) as count0_100,
     count(CASE WHEN point BETWEEN 101 AND 200 THEN 1 END) as count101_200,
     count(CASE WHEN point BETWEEN 201 AND 300 THEN 1 END) as count201_300,

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