How to change MySQL Primary Key from signed to unsigned?

Problem :

In my MySQL InnoDB Database with foreign keys I accidentally made some of my primary keys signed instead of unsigned as I want them to be.

Now I want to change it with a ALTER TABLE statement but it does not work:


MySQL Error:

Error on rename of './db_dev/#sql-478_3' to './db_dev/users' (errno: 150)

I don't understand why. I am working with Foreign Keys and tried using a

SET foreign_key_checks = 0;

Statement before executing the ALTER TABLE from above. Doesn't work either. Notice: All my tables are still empty. There's no data in it yet.

Since the Database has a lot of tables it would be much work to drop all the foreign keys and then manually add them again. (if this should be the reason).

Solution :

This field is used in foreign key(s). To change this field in MySQL, you should perform these steps:

  • Drop all related foreign keys
  • Modify field
  • Recreate all dropped foreign keys

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