How to get data from 2 tables in MYSQL

Problem :

Assume that I have 2 tables : members and orders (Mysql)

Members : 
id   |   name
1    |   Lee
2    |   brad
Orders : 
id   |   member_id   |   status (1: paid, 2: unpaid)   |    total
1    |   1           |   1                             |   1000000 
2    |   1           |   1                             |   1500000
3    |   1           |   2                             |   1300000
4    |   2           |   1                             |   3000000 
5    |   2           |   2                             |   3500000
6    |   2           |   2                             |   3300000

I have a sql query :

       COUNT(  AS number_of_order,
       SUM( AS total2
FROM   orders o
       LEFT JOIN members m
              ON o.member_id =
GROUP  BY o.member_id

which give me this:

name   |   number_of_order   |   total2
Lee    |   3                 |   3800000
brad   |   3                 |   9800000

All that I want is something like this :

    name   |   number_of_order   |   total2
           |  Paid        Unpaid | Paid      Unpaid
    Lee    |         3           |   3800000
           |  2             1    | 2500000   1300000
    brad   |         3           |   9800000
           |  1             2    | 3000000   6800000

How to make a query that can give me that result?

Thanks for your time!

Solution :

You could use conditions in the SUM/COUNT functions.

  COUNT( AS number_of_order,
  SUM( AS total2,
  COUNT(IF(o.status=1, 1, NULL)) AS paid_order,
  COUNT(IF(o.status=2, 1, NULL)) AS unpaid_order,
  SUM(IF(o.status=1,, 0)) AS paid,
  SUM(IF(o.status=2,, 0)) AS unpaid
FROM orders o 
LEFT JOIN members m ON
GROUP BY o.member_id

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