how to check the duplicate key in mysql dbi Perl?

Problem :

I am trying to migrate data from one db1 to other db2.

While migrating, there is possibility of duplicate primary key, then i want to over write with the db1 values. This can be achieved by on duplicate key sql statement.

But i want to store duplicate entry key into a map? how it is possible?

This is code which i have written for migration:

my $select = $dbh1->prepare("SELECT pr_id, name, lastname FROM person");
my $insert = $dbh2->prepare("INSERT INTO PERSON(pr_id, name, last_name) VALUES (?,?,?)");

while ( my($PR_ID,$NAME,$LASTNAME) = $select->fetchrow_array )

Solution :

You may need to call the following function to do it.

Returns the native database engine error message from the last DBI method called.

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