How to handle NULLs when updating one table from another using MySQL

Problem :

I have the following code, but it updates all the rows in table_1, even when the condition is not true (i.e. where table_1.data_1 is not present at all in table_2.data_1). How can I adjust the following update statement so that only the values in table_1 that match the values in table_2 are updated?

I am trying to set all the values in table_1.data_2 to NULL where the data_1 value is the same in both tables.

UPDATE table_1.data_1, table_2.data_1
SET table_1.data_2 = NULL
WHERE table_1.data_1 = table_2.data_1

Here is an update to my original post.

UPDATE table_1.data_2
SET table_1.data_2 = NULL
WHERE table_1.data_1 IN
(SELECT table_2.data_1 FROM table_2 WHERE table_1.data_1 = table_2.data_1);

Solution :

I haven't tested this but think something like this would work:

UPDATE table_1 SET data_2 = NULL 
  WHERE data_1 IN(SELECT table_1.data_1 
  FROM table_1, table_2 
  WHERE table_1.data_1 = table_2.data_1)

I love this resource for when I need different ideas on how to approach something:


UPDATE table_1
LEFT JOIN table_2 
ON table_1.data_1 = table_2.data_1 AND table_1.data_1 IS NOT NULL
SET table_1.data_2 = NULL;

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