How to select one field from view in MySQL?

Problem :

How can do the following query in MySQL?

Select SUM(T1.Amount) 
  Select  Distinct PersonName,Amount 
  From  tblusers as T1 
  where city ="xxx"

Solution :

MySQL requires an alias on a derived table or subquery. So you will want to use the following:

Select SUM(t1.Amount) 
  Select Distinct PersonName, Amount 
  From  tblusers
  where city ="xxx"
) t1

You should be able to use the following though depending on your needs:

select personName, sum(Amount)
from tblusers
where city = "xxx"
group by personName

Or if you just want to return the sum, you can use:

select sum(Amount)
from tblusers
where city = "xxx"
group by personName

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