How to change Limit dynamically in mySQL

Problem :

public function getAllCelebDataFinal ($database,$celebrityId,$lastOutputId) 
    $getalldata = $database->executeObjectList("
        SELECT *
        FROM (
            (SELECT v.vidId, NULL as newsId, NULL as photoId, NULL as imageFile,
                    v.title as vidTitle, NULL as newsTitle, v.videoLink AS vidLink,
                    NULL as newsVidLink, NULL as newDetail , v.addDate
             FROM videos v
             WHERE v.celebrityId='".$celebrityId."' AND v.isPublished=1)
          UNION ALL
            (SELECT NULL as vidId, n.newsId,NULL as photoId,NULL as imageFile,
                    NULL as vidTitle, n.title as newsTitle, NULL AS vidLink,
                    n.videoLink as newsVidLink, n.details as newDetail,
             FROM news n
             WHERE n.celebrityId='".$celebrityId."' AND n.isPublished=1)
          UNION ALL
            (SELECT NULL as vidId,NULL as newsId,p.photoId,p.imageFile,
                    NULL as vidTitle, NULL as newsTitle, NULL AS vidLink,
                    NULL as newsVidLink,  NULL as newDetail , p.addDate
             FROM photos p
             WHERE p.celebrityId='".$celebrityId."' AND p.isPublished=1)
        ) results
        ORDER BY addDate DESC
        LIMIT 5");
    return $getalldata; 

Consider it as a second query, if i am running first query with the limit 5, i am sendind 5 as $lastOutputId as a parameter, and i want to run this query as 5 to 5+5, and in the same way, next query would run with limit 10 to 15. How can i do that?

Solution :

LIMIT may have 2 parameters. In our case I think you can use LIMIT like this:

LIMIT $lastOutputId, 5


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