How to select 1 Row in MySQL Master Table Based on 2 Conditions Existing in a Detailed Table

Problem :

I have 2 tables -- master and detail

Table A is Master and contains unique rows

ID Name
1  Abc
7  Def
19 Xyz

Table B is Detail and contains multiple rows per each master row

Ref ID  Desc
1   10  abcdef
1   15  ghijk
1   20  lmnop
7   05  qrstu
7   10  vwxyz
7   15  ygfdt
7   20  kjqts
19  05  htyge
19  15  gqwes

Query Result -- I only wish to select Master Rows that have detailed rows containing both a related detail row of "10" and "15"

So only Rows 1 and Row 7 would be selected.

Thanks for helping.

Here's the shell of my query:

$query_string = '
  SELECT a.ID, Name
  FROM table_a AS a
  LEFT JOIN table_b AS b ON b.ref = a.ID
  WHERE b.ID = "10" AND b.ID = "15"

Solution :

FROM table_a AS a
LEFT JOIN table_b AS b ON b.ref = a.ID
WHERE b.ID IN (10,15)
group by a.ID
having count(distinct = 2

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