How to to fix XAMPP after deleting too many MySQL databases?

Problem :

I've been stupid enough to delete too many databases in XAMPP with PHPMyAdmin and now my sites on localhost don't run properly anymore. Please see this screenshot of the main errors enter image description here

I guess entirely reinstalling XAMPP will fix the problem but that might take much more time than necessary. Preferably, I'd like to just reinstall the MySQL component or perhaps recreate/repair some databases required for XAMPP to function properly. However, it looks as if I can only reinstall XAMPP entirely instead of separate components (and if that's correct, it's probably for a reason...).

Do I have a better option here than a complete reinstall of XAMPP?

Solution :

You dropped the database for PHPMyAdmin. If you can just restore that (with a command line mysql tool or any tool that does not rely on a web-interface), you can use phpmyadmin again.

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