How To Get table columns with some condition in MYSQL? [closed]

Problem :

Here is the situation like:

I am Having the table structure like the following:

  FieldName                  data_type
surveyForm_1_id       varchar(255)
survey_form_id        varchar(255)
submitted_by          varchar(255)
submitted_on          varchar(255)   
field_name_1          varchar(255)
field_name_2          varchar(255)   
field_name_3          varchar(255)   
field_name_4          varchar(255)
field_name_5          varchar(255)   
field_name_6          varchar(255)   
field_name_7              varchar(255)

With Mysql Query i wanted to remove the following fiels from mytable..........


For that I have Tried The Query as:

SHOW COLUMNS FROM surveyform_1

Anyone just suggest me...

I want the Query Which will give result fieldset as like


Solution :

Try this one:

SHOW COLUMNS FROM surveyform_1 WHERE Field LIKE 'field_name_%'

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