How to do a query in Mysql WorkBench?

Problem :

I have an .sql script that contains inserts and creates tables. I used the "Create EER Model From Script"

It created the tables but I can't see the data inside these tables.

I went to the query menu and tried to make a query but it gives me an error about not being able to connect to localhost.

Am I doing it right?

Solution :

As documented under Create EER Model from SQL Script:

Clicking this action item launches the Reverse Engineer SQL Script wizard. This is a multi-stage wizard that enables you to select the script you want to create your model from.

For further information, see Section, “Reverse Engineering Using a Create Script”.

Following that link:

However, if you are working with a script that also contains DML statements you need not remove them; they will be ignored.

Instead, you want the Manage Data Import/Export option under Server Administration (within the Workspace section of the Home window).

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