how to convert strings into arrays using php

Problem :

I have a stored string that echoes like this

$string = 24,56,43,23,45;

I want to retrieve data from mysql, so I do this;

$getcompany = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM pages WHERE id = $string");

If the id matches any of the strings, it should show that info but nothing happens. I tried using explode to breakdown the strings but I don't know how to make the query loop through the string to display the info that matches the string.

I hope am making sense to someone :( pls help.

Solution :

use IN:

$string = "24,56,43,23,45";
$getcompany = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM pages WHERE id IN (" . $string . ")");

Which would translate in to the query:

FROM   pages
WHERE  id IN (24,56,43,23,45);

As long as id is a numeric field that will work. If id is a string, you can rework it a bit:

$string = "24,56,43,23,45";
$args = "'" . implode("','", explode(",", $string)) . "'";
$getcompany = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM pages WHERE id IN (" . $args . ")");

Which would translate to:

FROM   pages
WHERE  id IN ('24','56','43','23','45');

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