How to add some amount of time from now?(MySQL)

Problem :

How can I add certain amount of time from now in mysql?

INSERT INTO rank(id, username, rank_type, time_start, time_end, activated) 
VALUES (NULL, 'somename', 1, NOW(), DATE(NOW() + INTERVAL 30 DAY), 0);

It says syntax error. I think the problem is caused by DATE function. Also tried to use NOW() + INTERVAL 30 DAY, but it didn't work either.

Solution :

I think DATE_ADD(date,INTERVAL expr type) is what you are looking for..

INSERT INTO rank(id, username, rank_type, time_start, time_end, activated) 
VALUES (NULL, 'somename', 1, NOW(), DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL 30 DAY),0);

Some documentation can be found here

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