How to design a set of database tables with dynamic attributes?

Problem :

Now I get a problem:

For some items in the same table(category), they may have different attributes.For example there is a table called Product with two items called A and B in it.

And the attributes that A has are id, name, attr01, attr03, attr04

And the attributes that B has are id, name, attr02, attr03, attr05, attr06

There may be some more items like this.

And for each attrXX attributes, its format is like this:

    {column_id: 01, column_name: xxx, relationship: xxx, value: xxx, unit: xxx},
    {column_id: 02, column_name: xxx, relationship: xxx, value: xxx, unit: xxx},
    {column_id: 03, column_name: xxx, relationship: xxx, value: xxx, unit: xxx},

The number of columns in a attr is not fixed.

I got a little bit confused because this is totally different with the database I designed before. Thus I want to ask you guys how to design a set of tables for storing data with the format mentioned above. The database I am gonna use is MySQL. So I want a solution in MySQL environment.

Also I heard that I can solve this question by using NoSQL database like MongoDB or Cassandra. Could you tell me how to use such a NoSQL database into solving my question? I am not sure my client will accept it, but I want to introduce it to him.

Solution :

This looks relational to me.

You would have tables like:

Product (id, name)
Attribute (id, name)
ProductHasAttribute (ProductId, AttributeId)
Column (id, AttributeId, name, relationship, value, unit)

The contents of ProductHasAttribute would be:

A, 1
A, 3
A, 4
B, 2
B, 3
B, 5
B, 6

To get all the attributes of a product P:

from ProductHasAttribute PA
inner join Attribute A on = PA.AttributeID
where PA.ProductID = P

Column may need to be changed depending on whether the values depend only on attribute, or they also depend on the product.

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