How to convert MySQL timestamp to d-m-yyyy

Problem :

$newTime = "TIME_FORMAT(date, '%e-%M-Y') AS date";

$result = mysqli_query($connect, "SELECT id, firstname, lastname, email, text, $newTime FROM gastenboek");

This is some information selecten from the database, i want to convert the sql timestamp to php days - months - years (22-11-2013).

The query works fine but date = NULL

it seems that my query is wrong, because when i do SELECT * FROM gastenboek it all works fine.

Error code: Notice: Trying to get property of non-object

I already googled the problem but i can't find the solution.

Sorry for my bad english, and thanks in advanced!

Greetings from Holland

Solution :

You need to use DATE_FORMAT instead of TIME_FORMAT. And I think your format string needs to be tweaked. Try this:

DATE_FORMAT(date, '%e-%c-%Y') AS date

The docs for TIME_FORMAT say:

This is used like the DATE_FORMAT() function, but the format string may contain format specifiers only for hours, minutes, seconds, and microseconds. Other specifiers produce a NULL value or 0.

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