How to return a list of results in MySQL, WHERE only return one

Problem :

I'm trying to return a list of films the actor was involved with. The second statements gives several results, but only the first hit get showed when i run the last statement. It's like the last variable only searches for "first-match".

Obviously I'm doing something wrong, and I'm unsure what search word I could use to find the solution (as I believe this question is answered several times already).

SELECT @id := actor_id FROM WHERE first_name = 'Ed' and last_name = 'Chase';
SELECT @film :=film_id FROM sakila.film_actor WHERE actor_id = @id;
SELECT title FROM WHERE film_id = @film;

Second statement results Third statement returns

Solution :

you need to do something like:

select title from f 
join sakila.film_actor fa on fa.film_id = f.film_id
where fa.actor_id = @id

this joins the last 2 queries into one, and is better than your way or using sub queries in my opinion

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