How to count rows in MYSQL table with multiple column criteria?

Problem :

I have a table to football results in a mysql table and want to count how many games have been played by season and game type.

For example the table looks like this

|   Type        |  Season     |   Goals  |
|   Club        |    11       |    4     |
|International  |    12       |    5     |
|   Club        |    12       |     0    |

What I want to do is total the number of club games played in season 12 so that would result in 1.

the current MYSQL code I have is

"SELECT COUNT * FROM table WHERE season='12' AND type='club'"

and that isn't working as I think I am using the wrong function. What is the correct function for the desired output?

Solution :

try this

 SELECT COUNT(*) total FROM `<tablename>` WHERE season=12 AND type='club';

make sure your connection established:

 $sql = "SELECT COUNT(*) total FROM cristiano WHERE season=12 AND which='club'"
 if ($result=mysql_query($sql)) {
    while($row=mysql_fetch_row($result)) {
     echo $row['total'];
 } else {
   echo "Error" . mysql_error();

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