How to create horizontal columns from rows in MYSQL?

Problem :

Sorry if I asked this dumb question as it puzzled me how to do such for several days.

I have a table in MySQL named Grades. enter image description here

Now, what I want to do is to make an output like this one. enter image description here

Is there an SQL to do such? Thank you so much in advance.

Solution :

You can apply a case/when and group by the student and the class. If you want only a single person, just apply a where clause... or even if you want all students for a class, or a given school year... etc.

      MAX( case when g.period = 1 then g.grade else 0 end ) as 1st_period,
      MAX( case when g.period = 2 then g.grade else 0 end ) as 2nd_period,
      MAX( case when g.period = 3 then g.grade else 0 end ) as 3rd_period,
      MAX( case when g.period = 4 then g.grade else 0 end ) as 4th_period,
      AVG( g.grade ) as Ave
      Grades g
   group by 

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