How to get parent's most viewed child in MySQL

Problem :

I have a catalogue categories with items. The main catalogue page must display the list of categories with the amount of items inside of each category, and the "preview" picture must be the most viewed item of that same category.


  • id_cat
  • name


  • id_item
  • name
  • picture_url
  • views (INT)

    SELECT catalogue_cat.id_cat,, COUNT(catalogue_item.id_item) AS q FROM catalogue_cat LEFT JOIN catalogue_item ON catalogue_item.id_cat = catalogue_cat.id_cat GROUP BY catalogue_cat.id_cat ORDER BY

That only brings me the list of categories with the item count. I still need the picture of the most viewed item of each category. Any ideas? Thanks!

Solution :

You are already doing a group by, so the best approach is the substring_index()/group by approach:

SELECT c.id_cat,, COUNT(i.id_item) AS q,
       SUBSTRING_INDEX(GROUP_CONCAT(i.url ORDER BY i.views DESC), ',', 1) as MostViewedURL
FROM catalogue_cat c LEFT JOIN
     catalogue_item ci
     ON i.id_cat = c.id_cat
GROUP BY c.id_cat

Note that this assumes that the URL's don't have commas in them. If they do, you will need to find another separator character.

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