How to update mysql table without deleting existing content

Problem :

I have a mysql table mysql_table. There is a column Cid for category id. I already uploaded many data in that table.

In first row, i upload ~1~2~3~ in Cid
In second row, i upload ~3~5~ in Cid
In third row , I upload ~1~ in Cid

Now i want to update column Cid of table mysql_table without affecting existing data. I want to update each Cid column with 15~. So that i need final reasult as

first row , ~1~2~3~15~
second row, ~3~5~15~
third row, ~1~15~

How Can I achieve this using mysql update query ?

Solution :

You can use concat to update the existing column as

update mysql_table set Cid = concat(Cid,'15~');

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