how to define a stored procedures which accepts 2 parameteres

Problem :

I´m trying to define a stored procedures which accepts 2 parameteres , one would be the table column which has to be equal with the second parameter i will provide. Code :


    CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `selectUserByField`(IN _field varchar(150) , IN _value varchar(150))
  SET @sql = CONCAT('SELECT * FROM Users WHERE', _field, '=' ,_value);
  PREPARE stmt FROM @sql;
  EXECUTE stmt;

The thing is that i don´t know how to provide the _value param as a string. If i run it like this i get a Mysql 1064 near ´=myEmail´( params where ´userEmail´,´myEmail´). Thanks !

Solution :

In your below code, you are missing a space after WHERE. It should be like below; give a space after WHERE and in =

SET @sql = CONCAT('SELECT * FROM Users WHERE ', _field, ' = ' ,_value);

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