How to migrate only newer posts from one Mediawiki MySQL to another?

Problem :

I dumped the MySQL database that one instance of Mediawiki uses. I migrated this database to another machine and reinstalled Mediawiki. The old machine is still running and getting new posts. How can I migrate only these new posts to the new machine? If a just do a new dump and migrate it to the new machine, it will work?

Solution :

If there are no edits on your new wiki, you can just go ahead and do the full dump/import again:

At your old server:

 mysqldump --user=USERNAME --password=PASSWORD --host=DB.MYWIKI.COM wikidb > dbdump.sql

At your new server:

 mysql --user=USERNAME --password=PASSWORD wikidb < dbdump.sql

This will overwrite existing all tables.

If, for some reason, you need to export/import pages revised later than a certain date, it might be easiest to use the Recent Changes API to get a list of all pages recently changed, e.g. action=query&list=recentchanges&rcprop=title, and then export those pages via Special:Export. You will get an XML dump, that you can then import via Special:Import. When doing the dump, you can even specify that you only want changes after a certain date, like this:

Note the odd separator between pagenames: %0A. See for more options when doing the export

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