Relational tables best practice

Problem :

im building a application where will run a mysql database, and in the database i will have some relational tables, but latelly i been looking different relational tables online different of how im used to do, basically i dont no what is the best practise and hope in finding the best way to go, above i leave a small example of how i normally do and other online examples:

My practice:

- id
- role_id;
- email
- password

- id
- title

Online Example from others

- id
- email
- password

- role_id
- user_id

- id
- title

Basically my question is wich one is better, in terms of best practise and scalability?

Solution :

It depends on if you want a many-to-many or a one-to-many relationship. In your first example, that's a one-to-many relationship. In other words, a user can have at most one role. In the second example, users can have many roles and roles can apply to many users.

So, if you need users to be in more than one role, use the second example. Otherwise, your first example is just fine.

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